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Meet our Spritual Director, Sumati Marut and our Spiritual Advisors, Molly Dahl & Steve Yochum

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"The Reno Wisdom Discussion & Meditation Group"

Blair has started an informal "Meet-Up" group to talk about happiness, dharma, science, movies and books, art, poetry, inspiration, or just how to lead a happier and more fulfilling lives.

The group is open to anyone and the idea is to have it be fun, informative, exploratory, with maybe a bit of tea or coffee or chocolate, all without the dogma or "isms" that serve to separate us from each other and our joy. (Cuz "isms" make schisms!)

Perfect for "non-buddhists" and others who want to explore wisdom without the structure, "shoulds" and dogma that so often accompanies a point of view.

Hope you can make it...


If you can't attend this meeting, join the group at this LINK so you can get updates about future gatherings.

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Welcome to Diamond Heart, A Middle Way Center

Check out Lama Marut’s interview with Lama Surya Das… Fun, informative and far-reaching! Watch, Listen or Read the interview now > 

The “Global, Inclusive and Practical Buddhism” talks are now all available online at Lama Marut’s website.
Download These Talks as MP3 Files Here >


Be-Nobody_flyerReno_2-webGREAT NEWS! 

Lama Marut is returning to Reno this July…
Be sure to Save the Dates!

Download Flyer Here >

Local producer Molly Dahl dahlingmolly@icloud.com

  • Wednesday, July 16, 6:30-8:30 PM: Public talk
    “It’s Like This Now: Living Happily in the Present”
    (suggested donation $10)
    Reno Buddhist Church
    820 Plumas St., Reno 89509
  • Thursday, July 17, 3:30-4:45 PM:
    “Change You, Change the World. . . And Vice Versa”
    (suggested donation $10)
    The Studio Reno
    1085 S. Virginia St., Reno 89502
  • Thursday, July 17, 6:30-7:30 PM:  Talk and book signing
    (free event)
    Sundance Book Store
    121 California Ave., Reno 89509
  • Friday. July 18th, 7:00-9:00 PM:
    “The Changing Nature of Reality & Buddhism”
    (suggested donation $10)
    AWAKE n Network
    1055 West Moana Lane, Suite 202, Reno
  • Plus Lake Tahoe and Sacramento Venues… See our calendar for full details!

Other Meditation & Study classes can be found on the Diamond Heart Meet-up site:
(Including Molly’s Newest Classes at Midtown Mindfullness!)


Diamond Heart Reno Upcoming Classes and Events

For questions please submit an inquiry through the contact form on this website or contact the teacher directly that is listed for each class.

Clicking on class title will give you more information about that event.

Local Community Group Needs Our Help

WeCareVolunteersLogoPlusAmber“We Care Volunteers”

Amber Dobson feeds the homeless of Reno every Monday through Thursday at 7:15 pm in the parking lot of the Community Assistance Center at 4th and Record Streets. She cooks and provides a hot meal with her own resources along with donations from the Reno volunteer community. There are at least 200 hungry souls each night and often the number climbs to over 300 during the summer months. There is now a food collection bin at Diamond Heart in hopes that our Sangha can fill it up with some of the many items that she needs. Since Connie Klooster helps out once a week, it is easy for her to deliver these donations to Amber. If you prefer a cash donation, that is always welcome as well. Thank you for your contribution!!

For more information contact Connie Klooster at 775-830-5118
Visit We Care Volunteers Online > 

Non-perishable food items for drop off at Diamond Heart include but are not limited to:

  • Canned Vegetables, Fruits
  • Dry Noodles or Rice (bulk or packages)
  • Beans / Legumes (bulk or packages)
  • Spaghetti Sauce in a Jars / Cans
  • Canned Soups, Chili
  • Bottled Salad Dressing

You can also show up at Record St., and help out in any way you can (M-TH 7:15pm).
This is not only a great way to give, but you can observe the making of a real-life Bodhisattva.

To quote Lama Marut “Don’t be a Buddhist… Be a Buddha!”


  The Diamond Heart center of Reno is a volunteer organization founded in the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism in the Gelugpa tradition while engaging studies of other traditions’ wisdom texts.
Our spiritual director is Venerable Sumati Marut. Thank you for your support and interest and please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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